Interesting Links

These are somewhat relevant and/or visually interesting sites that you might enjoy visiting:

Aphabet Soup Type Founders – Home of Michael Doret’s beautiful, vintage-inspired typefaces of exquisite aesthetic and technical qualities.

The Collectors Weekly – Vintage Vinyl Records are just a start to the riches found on this website.

Adbusters – Culture Jammers Extraordiaire.

Brands of the World – Formerly “LogoType Free.” A website with over 80k company and product logos available for download.

American Sign Museum – Great resource with historical sign exhibits.

Roadside Art Online – An even more obsessive gallery of signage.

Ban Comic Sans – Just do it.

Ruavista – Signs of the City – An amazing collection of urban visuals.

Rockin’ Country Style Label Shots – An unreal collection of 45 labels.

Art Crimes – This is why I won’t need to do a graffiti exhibit.

ASCII Type Generator – Create retro tag lines for your email.

BSN’s Album Discographies – I bow in humble submission.

04 – Yuji Oshimoto’s incredibly small yet readable world. – It’s like finding hundreds of other people’s photo albums.

Acid Fonts – lots of great Freeware/shareware fonts.

Pixbarn – fun collection of packaging. Check out the Deck O’Junk exhibit.

NetBaby – You must see this. It is truly bizarre.

Lantor 3D images – Like the Cracker Jack toys, only better.

ADLAND – Frank discussions about advertising. Worth checking out.

Jeff O’s Retro Music – 50’s Songs You Never Heard! New Original Oldies Doo Wop, 50’s Rock & Rockabilly Mp3’s.

Stereo Type Haus – An independent type foundry featuring some well-crafted faces. Check out their Stereobitz dingbat font.

Paramaribo, Surinam – The disappearing art of handpainted signs.

Wooster Collective – A Celebration of Street Art

Craig Atkinson – A rather peculiar individual.

Lucky Find Gazette – A treasure trove for the obsessed collector. Well done!

And more to come…

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