Moo: We love to print.

By now you’ve surely been handed one of those sleek, satin-finished mini-cards with full-bleed photos or graphics on one side and contact info on the other. And, surely, you’ve wondered where they come from and have yet to attempt to Google “narrow business cards” for fear of the 600,000 search results you would receive. Well, here’s the skinny on those slim biz cards: Moo. I’ve made a slew of these for and was pleased by the idiot-proof step-by-step process it took to produce 100 cards from a Flickr set. Oh, did I mention that? You can access your photos and sets from such popular sites as Flickr, Facebook, LiveJournal and more. All this for $19.99 plus shipping. Surely there’s a better deal on the web, no? Perhaps, but the ability to spread those 100 cards over several different photos was the hook for me. I upload ten different photos and get ten cards each. You can only have one version of the flip-side, but that’s hardly a down-side.

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