Successful Move..Again! QR codeSo, I’ve been a rather quiet these past several months while I tried to figure out the best solution for hosting and I’ve finally arrived at our current home, which will hopefully serve my needs for several years to come. Along with the previous switch to WordPress as a blogging platform we’re now all set to start publishing on a regular basis. Lord knows I have tons of bookmarked sites that I want to share with you all as well as that 45 RPM Record Label Art exhibit that is long overdue for a re-launch. Thanks and apologies to all who’ve emailed asking about it and missing it–It won’t be long now and I’ve got loads of new labels to display!

BTW, this is bitmap image is not a NY Times crossword puzzle, it’s our QR Code–a bar code readable by Android, iPhone and other mobile devices that takes you directly to this website. It’s handy for sharing with folks who look over your shoulder at a coffee shop and go “Cool site, what’s the URL?” Just have them point their phone at our QR code (they’ll need to download a free code reader app) and they’ll be here before you can say “no relevance dot com.”