Vanishing Austin

Has that beautifully beat-up old sign you’ve driven past for years suddenly disappeared with a cold, glass and steel tower rising in its place? Obviously, if you’re here at you’re not alone. But if you’re also in Austin, TX then you’ve got a last chance to see some of those lost treasures and can even help save future vanishings. Vanishing Austin is a website dedicated to, well, basically what the name says. More specifically website owner Jann Alexander’s photographs of “Austin in transition contrast the often-contradictory beauty of the old juxtaposed against the new.” As an archivist myself of beautiful things lost to “progress” I can only stand on my chair and applaud such efforts. Ms. Alexander has also recently unveiled a new poster featuring Austin’s “Endangered Species,” available on her website. Good stuff!

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just discovering your cool site and happily reacting to being a blog topic for the Vanishing Austin photography series. how’d you discover my series? there are now over 75 images and you can see them here with some historical background:

pay a visit to the Vanishing Austin World Headquarters when you’re in Austin! we’re at 8th & Congress, downtown, inside Austin Details Art + Photo gallery.

hope you keep your eye on the signs!

Hi Jann, not sure where I first heard of VA, but it’s exactly the stuff that comes across my radar. I’ve got a small collection of snaps from around Austin that I’ll be posting soon. Definitely some overlap with your collection! I’ll try to stop by your HQ soon. Art

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